Nightworlds: Des Moines, Iowa

The first few photos come from one night, November 14th, 2012, that had very clear air and good light conditions. Many older pictures down the page also show scenes in and near Des Moines. Top: Night Fishing on the Des Moines River. Second: Downtown from the Left Bank. Third: Lights on the River below Center Street Dam. Fourth: Old Rock Island Depot. Bottom: Stairwell Turned on Its Side.



Older Works, 2009 to 2012

Several of the city scenes have sold to residents of Des Moines, Iowa.


Left: Full Moon Less One Day. Middle: Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon over Des Moines. Right: The Crackle of Lightning.

Left: Jumping City Lights. Middle: What Is the Price of Gas Now?. Right: Holiday Lights.


Left: Fleur Drive. Middle: Open for Business. Right: "...The Bombs Bursting in Air..."



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