Prices on the web site do not include sales tax (Iowa) or shipping costs. If you have questions about shipping, visit the CONTACT ME page. I will contact you by email (preferred) or by phone within 24 hours, except during U.S. holidays or when I am on vacation (about two times a year).

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Prices below are for common sizes and options. Please contact me if you want to inquire about:

  • Custom cropping: dimensions other than 5x7 or 8x10 for matted and framed work.
  • Matte colors and features other than those listed.
  • Framing options, ranging from inexpensive to expensive custom work. I use a local frame shop with which I have experience. Note that custom framing may require considerable advance notice, if it is for a special occasion. Around the Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa holiday season, the delay could be two to three months. (Shorter turnarounds are possible through chain stores, but I have found that the workmanship is not nearly as good, for similar prices.)
  • Discounts for several works in the same order, such as an entire series to decorate a home or work space.

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Note that prices include shipping.

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